Sun Ray Spring: Spring Water From Ellenville

Only accessible by a quarter mile long rugged trail is the last remnants of a booming spring water bottling operation dating from the early 1900s. The origin of this water was the Sun Ray Spring which flows from the Old Spanish Tunnel at the base of the Shawangunk Ridge in Ellenville. The bottling operations were developed starting 1905 after the tunnel was re-discovered by locals. Entrepreneur Frank T. Huntoon was at the helm of an international marketing effort touting the beverage as the World’s Purest Spring Water. The spring water was sold under the Sun Ray Water brand until the early 1920s when the company suffered financial collapse. The Sun Ray Bottling Company began operations again in 1939 marketing the water as Pure Rock Mineral Water. The operation was shut down in 1944 by the government after illegal bootleg sugar was discovered in the company’s soda line. During World War II, Pepsi-Co used the spring as a base of operations for their beverage bottling. The only physical reminder of the past business is the spring flowing through old lead pipe into a small depression near an abandoned concrete bunker. Only a few hikers fill their canteens with a taste of Ellenville’s history.Take a look here to learn more: Graphic Content Designer’s Insight by Steven Heller

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