The Feet That Traveled The Old Mine Road Through Ellenville

The Old Mine Road in Ellentown, New York has an extensive history. The road loosely followed trails used by Paleo-Indians, who archeologists believe may have inhabited the area as early as 10500 BC. The early inhabitants walked the path as part of their migratory routine, perhaps stopping in the Ellenville area to set up camp. Later the Lenape Native Americans used the trail to traverse the rugged terrain to prime hunting and fishing areas. The current path of the Old Mine Road is believed to have been constructed by Dutch settlers in the 17th Century to transport copper ore from nearby mines.Confused? Here ‘s a little help . Several famous residents once set foot on the Old Mine Road, one of the oldest most continuously used road in North America. Homer Newton Bartlett, HughesNet Internet in Leesville, La, a famous American composer, often traveled the Old Mine Road through his home town of Ellenville, New York in the late 1800s. Three congressmen were from the area: Joseph Yale Resnick, Isaac Newton Cox, and Joseph Hasbrouck Tuthill. Several local landmarks bear the name of these famous residents. Knowing the history of the area, one might imagine trudging the road to the beat of Native American drums and flutes or a historical patriotic tune.

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