Culture In Ellenville: Shadowland Theatre’s Contributions

At the eastern base of how to trade cryptocurrency in Cameroon 2020 the fabled Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York -- a region that has for years drawn seasoned travelers and well-heeled New Yorkers alike to wonderful outdoor and cultural experiences central to a classic vacation and living-style -- Ellenville truly contains some of the best that America has to offer.

100 miles outside of New York City, with elegant storefronts and the white-steepled churches so beloved within the small-town charm of the American imagination, Ellenville has for decades upon decades provided a relaxing and easygoing pace for those who would journey into the heart of the country. With outdoor concerts, gorgeous scenery, and a wonderful selection of restaurants, Ellenville shares a quintessential American opportunity for fun to those in the know.

For a taste of high culture in this lovely area, few experiences can top an evening with the Shadowland Theater, which is dedicated to performances of professional plays and musicals. Placed in the cozy and elegant environs a historical 186-seat building that traces its roots back to the halcyon days of Vaudeville and early movie houses, the Shadowland Theater contains the best of bitcoin trader Cameroon ethereum classic 2020 the past and present.

Placed among the fantastic tableaus of the Catskills, the Shadowland Theater demonstrates that classic Americana is alive and well in Upstate New York!
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The Quality Of Schools And Education In Ellenville

The Ellenville Central School District is a great district and home of the Blue Devils. Their website offers students and parents information about the latest news, events and happenings within the district. You will find their athletics department are staffed with experienced coaches. The district offers students the opportunity to pursue football, baseball and soccer. You will also find music and art classes. You can find school forms and lunch menus. Use the convenient form on the website that allows you to log in and pay for your child's meals in advance. The Cameroon ethereum classic 2020 website allows you to monitor your account and securely deposit funds. This is a great convenience tool for many parents.

The school district's website also offers students instructional videos on demand. Students can find helpful resources in subjects such as math, English and science. You can apply to The National Honor Society by logging onto their website. You will also find high school exam prep information and tutorials. Ellenville Central School District also offers the latest technology-advanced electronics in their classrooms. Make an appointment with a staff member to tour the schools your children will attend. The school district also has transportation services as an added convenience.
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NY, Ontario, and Western Railway’s Effect On Ellenville

Located in Ulster County of New York State, Ellenville is a quaint village that has a rich history. Situated near Catskill Mountains and the Shawangunk Mountains, Ellenville has always been a popular vacation destination, especially for New York City residents. The arrival of the New York, Ontario and Western Railway company generally had a mixed influenced on the village of Ellenville. In the late 19th century, this railway company forced the closing of the Delaware and Hudson Canal. The canal was the lifeline of Ellenville's booming manufacturing industry. However, the New York, Ontario, and Western Railway company sparked a booming tourism industry in Ellenville.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. Dozens of hotels, inns and other establishments opened in the late 19th century and early 20th century to accommodate flocks of visitors.

The advent of the automobile and the paving of U.S. Route 209 in the 1920's further expanded the tourism industry in Ellenville. The closing of New York, Ontario, and Western Railway in the 1950's sparked a rapid decline in tourism at Ellenville. Modern air travel and amenities have also made Ellenville a less popular choice for the post World War II generations. Some of the village's most historic hotels have closed in recent years.
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Sun Ray Spring: Spring Water From Ellenville

Only accessible by a quarter mile long rugged trail is the last remnants of a booming spring water bottling operation dating from the early 1900s. The origin of this water was the Sun Ray Spring which flows from the Old Spanish Tunnel at the base of the Shawangunk Ridge in Ellenville. The bottling operations were developed starting 1905 after the tunnel was re-discovered by locals. Entrepreneur Frank T. Huntoon was at the helm of an international marketing effort touting the beverage as the World's Purest Spring Water. The spring water was sold under the Sun Ray Water brand until the early 1920s when the company suffered financial collapse. The Sun Ray Bottling Company began operations again in 1939 marketing the water as Pure Rock Mineral Water. The operation was shut down in 1944 by the government after illegal bootleg sugar was discovered in the company's soda line. During World War II, Pepsi-Co used the spring as a base of operations for their beverage bottling. The only physical reminder of the past business is the spring flowing through old lead pipe into a small depression near an abandoned concrete bunker. Only a few hikers fill their canteens with a taste of Ellenville's history.Take a look here to learn more: Graphic Content Designer's Insight by Steven Heller
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Mining In Ellenville: The Old Spanish Tunnel

The Old Spanish Tunnel, also known as the Sun Ray Mine, is shrouded in folklore that goes back to the founding of the United States. The mysterious tunnel at the base of the Shawangunk Ridge was re-discovered in 1905. Local legend purports the cave was excavated by Ponce de Leon's men during his famous search for the Fountain of Youth. Another common myth is it served as a lead mine supplying the Continental Army with Ammunition. Historical records indicate the tunnel was constructed during the Revolutionary War however engineers found the ore was to difficult to extract and subsequently abandoned the mine. Re-discovery of the tunnel led to the development of the Sun-Ray Water, a bottled water distributor which sold spring water and carbonated beverages until the early 1920s. Financial issues caused a halt in use of the spring until 1939, when it was re-marketed as Pure Rock Mineral Water. During World War II, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company used the spring as a base of operations. The tunnel is now abandoned. Intrepid modern day hikers report exploring about 500 feet of the main tunnel, located at the foot of High Point Mountain. The main tunnel terminates in a spring but has an unexplored section which curves upward into the mountain.
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The Delaware And Hudson Canal’s Effect On Ellenville’s Growth

Prior to the development of the Delaware and Hudson Canal, the area of Ellenville was very sparsely inhabited as the only access was a rugged trail. The area was relatively untouched by settlers until the 1820s when Ellenville's development was spurred by the Delaware and Hudson Canal. The canal was constructed by brothers William and Maurice Wurts as a way to ferry anthracite, discovered in Pennsylvania in the early 19th century, to New York. The canal followed the route of the already successful Old Mine Road winding the narrow valley of the Shawangunk Ridge. Success followed the canal's opening in 1828. During operation, Ellenville bloomed from the financial traffic brought by the barges and the local economy diversified into many industries. Cheap coal prices also helped entice residential and commercial development of the area. The earliest buildings in the Historic District in Ellenville date from the canal days. The barge traffic declined starting around 1850s as railcar replaced the canal as the dominant method of transporting coal. The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company drained the canal in 1898. A small wet section of the canal can still be observed in Ellenville as a reminder of the history of the town.
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Instances of Historical Architecture In Ellenville

Ellenville is a small town mid-way between Albany and New York City that pre-dates the America's Revolutionary War.

Records indicate Alpheus Fairchild, for whom the village was originally named, constructed the first building in 1798. However, town officials note at least three farms - Bodley, Bevier and Sax - had improvements well before the war. Fairchild's building was located on the site of the George and John R. Hunt Memorial Building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Indeed, Ellenville's downtown district as a whole is on the National Register. The village was a commercial and industrial center for Ulster County in the early 19th century. Most buildings in the historic center date back to the early 1820s when construction of the Delaware and Hudson Canal began. When the district went on the register in 2012, the number of historic places in Ellenville went from three to 55. The initial three were the Hunt building, the post office and D&H; Canal.

The historic district encompasses Liberty, Main, Market, Center and Canal streets, where old homes and commercial buildings can be seen today. The downtown area was pretty much developed by 1858, according to local records.
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The Feet That Traveled The Old Mine Road Through Ellenville

The Old Mine Road in Ellentown, New York has an extensive history. The road loosely followed trails used by Paleo-Indians, who archeologists believe may have inhabited the area as early as 10500 BC. The early inhabitants walked the path as part of their migratory routine, perhaps stopping in the Ellenville area to set up camp. Later the Lenape Native Americans used the trail to traverse the rugged terrain to prime hunting and fishing areas. The current path of the Old Mine Road is believed to have been constructed by Dutch settlers in the 17th Century to transport copper ore from nearby mines.Confused? Here ‘s a little help . Several famous residents once set foot on the Old Mine Road, one of the oldest most continuously used road in North America. Homer Newton Bartlett, HughesNet Internet in Leesville, La, a famous American composer, often traveled the Old Mine Road through his home town of Ellenville, New York in the late 1800s. Three congressmen were from the area: Joseph Yale Resnick, Isaac Newton Cox, and Joseph Hasbrouck Tuthill. Several local landmarks bear the name of these famous residents. Knowing the history of the area, one might imagine trudging the road to the beat of Native American drums and flutes or a historical patriotic tune.
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